Technology Competition

Goal of technology competition

Nowadays, many cryptocurrency projects and blockchain based projects are becoming reality, and there are a large number of technologies and implementations. The development of theory and technology to make blockchains mature enough for actual applications is important if we are to provide a foundation for building upon, much like what happened with the Internet itself. Scaling Bitcoin and other academic conferences are the places to find the future progress of blockchain technology. In addition to such conferences, we need a place to provide scientific evidence to evaluate and compare blockchain technologies. This evidence is not limited to performance, but also security, privacy, game theory, economics, and regulation. is the neutral academic research test network by international universities with 24 universities currently participating. plans to hold a series of open technology competitions on many aspects of blockchain technologies. The aims of the open competition are:

  • facilitating development and progress of theory,
  • conducting technology verification over,
  • providing review by university researchers/professors,
  • providing the source of scientific/academic results, and
  • publishing technically reviewed software.

Competition events